Alessandro Burbank

Poet, performer, promoter of cultural events. Participates in the Italian Poetry Slam scene since 2009 winning the second edition of the slam of Via de Poeti, and a third national place in 2016 with the LIPS. For the association Maia ONLUS participated in the creation of the documentary Revolution Art Poetry in Palestine. He won the national competition of erotic poetry Baffo / Zancopè at the age of 16 collaborating in the following editions. He created the three editions of the Andata & Ritorno poetry and music festival with the sovereign lagoon BlareOut. He cultivates direct relations with the avant-garde in London thanks to his friend and colleague Steven J. Fowler performing in London and Edinburgh. He embarked on a three-month tour for Italy sponsored by FlixBus. He performed at the MAXXI in Rome in the context of the Italian Summer event curated by Lello Voce and Valerio Magrelli. He designed and organized Frullatorio a show of local satire with the theater company Accadueò. Leads from three editions of Owl Festival in Trento. He collaborates with the singer-songwriter Dutch Nazari and the producer Sick & Simpliciter (Luca Patarnello) before founding the collective Motel Filò in 2011 and from 2016 opening their concerts. He received the Alfonso Gatto Giovani 2017 award. He participated in the International Young Writers Meeting in Istanbul. He organized the first Poetry Slam entirely in water aboard traditional boats for the canals of Venice. Also in Venice he conducted #Versus! International Poetry Slam at Palazzo Grassi. He participated in London FILL festival of Italian literature for a collective performance.