Amadej Kraljevič (1995) is a poet and writer from Slovenia. He grew up and partly still lives in rural Slovenia moving between two "towns" that are separated nearly 5 kilometers. The name of one of these two towns could be translated to "Slovenian Horse Town" and was in its prime also known because of "Horse" (C21H23NO5). He also grew up playing football, which got him selected in the national youth football team for a while. So when he is doing readings and the hosts don't have his BIO, they google him and usually think that the footballer and the poet are two different people. He writes poems and stories in a kind of rural bizarro fiction setting which melts together pop culture and rural Slovenian idioms. Now he is planning to collect them and publish his first book of poetry called "remix.rar". Besides that there is one of his chapbook of short stories that is already published. And he also broke both of his arms in one football game.