mIprojects is a performance platform created by London based Cypriot artists Anastasia Mina and Helen Michael in 2014. Whilst maintaining their own individual practices, ideas are explored more expansively through mIprojects on account of the dissolution of the specific identities that the act of collaboration requires.


The collaborative work reveals a desire to unveil underlying truths through disruption of apparent ones. Ideas surrounding protest, the female voice and control have been recurring themes to date.

AM studied Fine Arts in Athens and HM has a background is in Law. Both were awarded Masters Degrees by the Royal College of Art, London where they met.

Events to date: 2018, A million love songs, Koraï Project Space, Nicosia 2017, Florence Trust Summer Show, London 2017, An evening with performances, Lychee One Gallery, London 2016, Florence Trust Winter Open, London 2015, Could you please rethink understanding, 12 Star Gallery, London More info can be found at our website: https://www.amillionlovesongs.com