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Andras Gerevich was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1976. Andras published four books of poetry in his native Hungarian, his work has been translated into about two dozen languages, he has books in translation in English, French, German, Bulgarian and Slovenian. Andrew Fentham received the Stephen Spender Prize in 2017 for the translation of one of his poems. Andras has translated a number of English-speaking poets into Hungarian, including Seamus Heaney, Frank O’Hara and Charles Bernstein. He has taught courses in poetry at Vassar College in New York and Eötvös University in Budapest. He was Poetry Editor for two literary journals: Kalligram in Budapest and Chroma in London, and an assistant producer for the radio program Poetry by Post for the BBC World Service. Andras has also scripted short artistic animation films, and his plays have been staged. He also publishes essays, stories and reviews. He was the President of the Hungarian young writers’ association, the József Attila Kör.


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