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DAMIR ŠODAN (1964) poet, award-winning playwright, editor, translator and songwriter was born in Split, Croatia, but has spent most of his adult life abroad, mostly in the Netherlands working for over two decades for the United Nations as a translator. He has published several books of poetry, two volumes of collected plays, numerous translations of American poets into Croatian (Simic, Carver, Bukowski, Cohen, d. a. levy, Brautigan, O'Hara and the like), as well as a 600-page anthology of contemporary Croatian "urban realist" poetry entitled Walk on the Other Side (2010). He is a member of the Croatian PEN Centre and one of the editors of the Croatian journal Poezija (Poetry) based in Zagreb, Croatia. Today he is a professional writer and literary translator dividing his time between The Hague, Netherlands, and Split, Croatia. His doppelgänger Rev. Hank Smoke is the leader of the Hague-based international blues band The Downsizers, with whom he has recorded two full-length albums.