Erik Lindner, poet, writer, and literary critic, was born in 1968 in The Hague, Netherlands. He has published six volumes of poetry, including his debut collection, Tramontane (Uitgeverij Perdu, 1996), and the novel, Naar Whitebridge (De Bezige Bij, 2013). His most recent collection of poetry, Zog (‘Wake’), was published in Amsterdam by Van Oorschot in 2018. His poetry has been translated in several different languages; with books of his poems appearing in published in France, Germany and Italy. Nach Akedia (Matthes & Seitz Berlin Verlag, 2013) was recommanded as best translated volume of poetry by the German Academy in 2014. Nico Bleutge wrote in the Süddeutsche Zeittung that the poems of Erik Lindner “not only manages to capsize our patterns of language and perception, he also succeeds to sharpen the senses for what is possible”. Erik Lindner has read his poems on many international festivals and was a writer in residence in Taipei, Montreal, Marseille and Berlin. He is founder and editor of Terrasmagazine [] and lives and works as a freelance writer in Amsterdam.


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