Estevo Creus Andrade (A Coruña, 1971) is a prominent poet from Galicia, a country in the northwest of Spain. All his work is written in Galician language. Published books: Poemas da Cidade Oculta. Editions Xerais de Galicia (1996) Areados . Diputación de A Coruña (1996) Teoría do Lugar .O Castro (1999) Decrúa. Espiral maior (2003) Facer merzbau non ou posible? (book of poetry and video creation with David Creus). Non Ou edicións (2007) O libro dos Cans. Fran-Ouren (2010) Balea2. Positivas(2011) .O Lugar que Non Hai .Chan da Pólvora (2018). Winner of numerous literary prizes, appears in various poetic anthologies, among which are: Defecto 2000. Letras de Cal (1999) or A tribu das Baleas. Xerais Edicións (2001). In charge and translator of the book Dicir unha illa, of the iV international poetic translation workshop of San Simón (Dep.Pontevedra 2017) Artistic and musical creator, participates in innumerable performances and poetic actions. A small part of his poetry has been translated into English, and is collected in the Six Galician Poets Anthology. Collection New voices from Europe and Beyonds. Arc Publications (2016).