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born 1977 in Eichstätt, Bavaria/Germany. MA in philosophy, German studies and history. Then Sydney, Radio 2SER. 2006/7 lecturer in German Studies at Delhi University, after that teaching at the Language Center of the University of Erlangen and for the Siemens employee training. 2009-2013 at the University of Nottingham as a lecturer in German Studies. Currently studying creative writing in Vienna at the University of Applied Arts. Multiple participations at the Erlanger Poetenfest. Publications in anthologies and magazines, finalist at the Dresdner Lyrikpreis 2010 and at the Prize for Political Poetry lauter niemand/Berlin 2013. Readings at Prosanova, Poesiefestival/Berlin, Alte Schmiede/Vienna, Literaturhaus/Vienna, Lettrétage/Berlin and others. Currently working on a novel that was originally inspired by the revelations of Edward Snowden. On the eve of the creation of Artificial Intelligence, the novel focuses on links between the surveillance state and the (drone)war.

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