Inga Gaile

Writer. Five poetry collections and a collection of children's poetry. In poems, “she explores the inner states of being, her own experiences, everyday lives of women, as well as stigmatized groups of society.”  (

Author of several plays, staged in off — broadway theaters of Riga.

In 2016. the first novel The glass shards is published. Her first detective novel Invisibles was published in 2017.  Collection of short stories Ways of milk was published in 2018th.

She has also translated works of Russian speaking poets into Latvian.  Organizes and participates in women standup movement.

Her poems have been translated into English, German, Swedish, Lithuanian, Bengali and other.

In 2018th the book of translations of her poems “30 questions that people don’t ask” was published in Pleiades Press (Misouri, USA) – in English and in  Circulo de Poesia (Peru, Chile) – in Spanish.

30 questions that people don’t ask was listed amongst 75 most notable translations of the year 2018 by “World litertaure today” (USA).

Inga Gaile is the president of Latvian PEN center.