Maria Malinovskaya was born on 06.04.1994 in Gomel (Belarus). In 2016, graduated from Maxim Gorky Literary Institute. In 2018, received her M.A. degree in Literary Theory from Russian State University for the Humanities. Lives in Moscow.

Poems were published in the magazines “Translit”, “Nosorog”, “TextOnly”, “Poem”,

International English Language Quarterly, anthology «DisAccordi. Antologiadi poesia russa 2003-2016", and other periodicals.

Longlister of the “Arcady Dragomoshchenko Prize” (2016, 2017).

Author of the poetry cycle "Kaimaniya" which is “an actual and unusual variation of documental poetry realized on extremely difficult and ambiguous material – on authentic speech of people registered in psychiatric hospitals. <…> “In “Caimania” the word belongs entirely to the “fragmented self”, so that we can come into contact with the substance of other mind, with other being-in-the-world-ness almost directly – at least, beyond the medicalizational discourse of diagnoses and symptomatology” (Vitaly Lekhcier, poet, Doctor of Philosophy).