Marius Burokas

Marius will be appearing at:

April 7th's European Camarade at Rich Mix

April 9th's Lithuanian and British poets collaborate! at The Poetry Society

April Tuesday 10th : Versopolis poets in focus : London Bookfair

Marius Burokas (b. 30 of April, 1977), poet and translator, has studied Lithuanian language and literature at Vilnius University. He has worked as a Lithuanian language teacher, has served as project editor for a public relations agency, has worked in advertising agency and has coordinated literary programs at the Eastern Lithuanian Cultural Centre. Now he is a freelance writer, translator and also writes for weekly culture newspaper Šiaurės Atėnai, does book reviews for “Intelligent Life” magazine and National radio (LRT).

Marius made his debut with the poetry collection Ideograms (Ideogramos) in 1999. His second book of poetry, States of Being (Būsenos), appeared in 2005. His third book – I‘ve Learned Not To Be (Išmokau nebūti) was published in 2011. His third book was awarded “The Young Yotvingian prize” as a best young poet’s book, published in two years. This book was also awarded Antanas Miškinis literary prize.

In 2001 he participated in International Writing Program in Iowa. Marius is a Lithuanian Writers’ Union member since 2007 and the member of Lithuanian Association of Literary Translators since 2012. He lives in Vilnius.

Photo by Monika Požerskytė

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