Nordic Poetry Festival : Norway 2019

Celebrating collaboration, performance and innovation in contemporary literary and avant-garde poetry, the Nordic and European Poetry Festival comes to the west coast of Norway with events in Ålesund and Bergen this autumn. Some of the finest poets from across Europe, from Ireland, Russia, Belgium and the UK, perform and collaborate with some of Norway’s most considerable poets in two unique and brilliant events.

The project is curated by Jon Ståle Ritland, SJ Fowler & Erlend Nødtvedt.

September 17th
Mottaket 7:00 pm

Nedre Strandgate 2A, 6004 Ålesund - Free Entry
In association with Ålesund Literary Salon

With solo readings by Hilde Myklebust, Kaisa Aglen, SJ Fowler, Jon Ståle Ritland, Harry Man, Maja Jantar, Endre Ruset, Dan Andersen, Eli Fossdal Waage, Christodoulos Makris, Maria Malinovskaya, and David Spittle.

European Camarade
Bergen public library : 7pm
September Weds 18th : Free

Strømgaten 6, website

With collaborative performances from :

SJ Fowler & Dan Andersen
Harry Man & Fredrik Stenhjem Hagen
Maja Jantar & Erlend Nødtvedt
Christodoulos Makris & Endre Ruset
Maria Malinovskaya & Eli Fossdal Waage
David Spittle & Jon Ståle Ritland

Sponsored by Stiftelsen Kjell Holm, Norsk Forfattersentrum, Ålesund Kommune, Bergen Kommune, Møre og Romsdal Fylkeskommune