Polyphonic at Romanian Cultural Institute : Wed April 11th 2018

A multimedia poetry show celebrating the Centenary of Greater Romania with readings by ten of the most talented Romanian young poets of diverse ethnic backgrounds: Michael Astner, Andrei Dósa, Robert G.Elekes, Matei Hutopila, Henriette Kemenes, Claudiu Komartin, Mihók Tamás, Aleksandar Stoicovici, Livia Ștefan, and Victor Țvetov. With 2D animations by visual artist Raluca Popa, a wizard of expanding and extending the poetic images beyond the page, and live music by the master of micropolyphony, György Ligeti, performed by Romanian and English musicians.


The show is produced by the National Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest and presented by the Romanian Cultural Institute in London, as part of Romania's programme at the London Book Fair 2018. 

Curator: Simona Nastac.

Drawing by Raluca Popa.

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