LIKE Festival European Poetry Camarade : Košice, Slovakia
September Saturday 28th 2019

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Kasárenské námestie 1, 040 01 Košice, Slovakia

The European Camarade comes to Slovakia! New avant-garde and literary collaborations mark this unique live event as poets from across Europe present new works, made for the night, with Slovakian poet partners. An evening of poetry as performance and literary innovation as part of the LIKE festival.

Vlado Janček and Tomáš Přidal
Veronika Dianišková and Inga Pizāne
Zuzana Husárová and SJ Fowler
Nóra Ružičková and Max Höfler
Viliam Nádaskay and Ivars Šteinbergs
Thomas Havlik

Curated by SJ Fowler and Marek Vadas. Supported by LIKE Festival, European Poetry Festival and Platform Latvian Literature

Juliana Sokolová (b. 1981) is a poet, fiction writer, and philosopher. She studied philosophy at the University of York, and until 2009 she lived in London, Sarajevo, and Berlin. Since 2010 she has been teaching philosophy at the Arts Department of Technical University of Košice. She writes poetry, prose, and philosophy in English, Slovak, and Hungarian. Her literary debut was a collection of poetryMy House Will Have a Roof (2013, Fra), published in Prague.

Vlado Janček (b. 1974) is a poet, musician, playwright, improviser, slam poet, and a literary multi-instrumentalist. He studied history of art and culture. His literary debut was a collection of original humorous verse-aphorisms Motýľov (Butterfly City, 2005), followed by the collections Kocúrov(Tomcat City, 2009), and Ahoj krv (Hello Blood, 2019).

Veronika Dianišková (b. 1986) studied directing and dramaturgy at the Theater Department of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. The mythological-archetypal world of Dianišková’s texts serves as an instrument of examining the identity of an individual who becomes his own labyrinth. She uses visual and verbal impressionism, and her language is figurative, aestheticizing, and intuitively psychoanalytical.

Viliam Nádaskay (b. 1994) debuted last year with a collection of poetry Vynechaný spoj (Missing Bus, Drewo a Srd). He is a doctoral student at the Institute of Slovak Literature of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. He has published reviews in the literary journals Vlna, Fraktál, Glosolália, and on the Platform for Literature and Research. His poetry shows a wide range of narrative microsituations, urban portraits, and apartment scenes, which turn into a grotesque urban symphony.

Zuzana Husárová (1983) is a scholar, author and artist in the fields of electronic literature and text-based performance. She is the author of experimental literature across various media, has created sound poetry, interactive digital poetry, poetic performances and transmedia poetry. Her theoretical and creative works have been published in a number of European and American journals. Her interactive works were exhibited at various events and venues 

Nóra Ružičková (1977) has studied painting and printmaking (1996 – 2002) and defended her doctoral theses in 2009 at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava; between 2009 and 2018 she has been teaching there at the Department of Intermedia and Multimedia.As an artist she is active in the fields of visual art and literature. In her visual arts projects she uses different mediums and forms of expression; in the last years she has been particularly interested in examining the institutionalization and categorization of art and the relationship between visuality and textuality. She is the author of five poetry collections: Micronauts (Mikronauti, 1998), Arrangement and Attack (Osnova a útok, 2000), Facelessness (Beztvárie, 2004), Air Plotting (Parcelácia vzduchu, 2007), Shore Research (Pobrežný výskum, 2009) and two books of experimental poetry and prose Work & Intimacy (Práce & Intimita, 2012) and ← a b c → (written in cooperation with Marianna Mlynárčiková, 2018).