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Tatiana Faia (Portugal, 1986) grew up in Lisbon and moved to Oxford in 2012. She is the author of a long doctoral thesis about the characters in the Iliad and the writer  of three books of poems (Lugano (2011), Teatro de Rua/ Street Theatre (2013), Um quarto em Atenas/ A Room in Athens (2017) and a book of short-stories (São Luís dos Portugueses em Chamas/ St Louis of the Burning Portuguese (2016)). She is one of the co-editors of the Lisbon-based independent publishing project Enfermaria 6 (Ward 6), which exists both as an online magazine and an independent imprint. Enfermaria's goal, other than conquering the world, is to publish as many emerging Lusophone authors as possible. So far over a 100 have been published online and 11 in print. Another of Enfermaria's goals is to exist as a community of readers and also a garden of sorts.