The European Camarade : Manchester - April Friday 13th
The International Anthony Burgess Foundation

This grand European poetry celebration brought together some of the finest modern poets of the thriving Manchester scene in collaborative pairs with writers visiting from Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Germany and Italy.

Featuring Rike Scheffler & Livia Franchini / Jon Stale Ritland & Harry Man / Iris Colomb & Serena Braida / Endre Ruset & Christodoulos Makris / SJ Fowler & Tom Jenks / Inga Pizane & Scott Thurston / Rimas Uzgiris & Robert Sheppard / Marius Burokas & James Byrne / Sarah Clare Conlon & David Gaffney/ Silje Ree & Yvonne Litschel


Plus The European Union of Imaginary Authors with readings from Robert Sheppard & Sandeep Parmar, James Byrne, Joanne Ashcroft, Patricia Farrell, SJ Fowler, Scott Thurston.

"Working in collaboration with an impressive team of real writers, Robert Sheppard has created a lively and entertaining anthology of fictional European poets, Twitters for a Lark, all of them supposedly members of the European Union of Imaginary Authors.

FotoJet (3).jpg

There is no resultant ‘Europoem’, but a variety of styles that reflects the collaborative nature of the poems’ production, the richness of a continent. The works range from the comedic to the political, from the imaginatively sincere to the faux-autobiographical, from traditional lyricism to the experimental. Accompanied by biographical notes, the poets grow in vividness until they seem to possess lives of their own."