Austrian and British poets collaborate! - April Thursday 12th 2018
at The Austrian Cultural Forum, London
Entrance Free : 7pm - 28 Rutland Gate, Knightsbridge, London SW7 1PQ

A special focus event of the European Poetry Festival, some of the finest avant-garde and literary poets from Austria, and their British contemporaries, present brand new collaborations made for the night. Featuring:

Robert Prosser & SJ Fowler
Max Hofler & Iris Colomb
Daniela Chana & Phoebe Power

FotoJet (4).jpg

The evening will be opened with short solo readings by other visiting European poets including Ana Seferovic (Serbia) Ailbhe Darcy (Ireland) Orsolya Fenyvesi (Hungary) Giovanna Coppola (Italy), and Anastasia Mina & Helen Michael (Cyprus / UK) and Tatiana Faia (Portugal)

The 21st century Austrian poetry scene is one of the most dynamic in Europe - firmly connected to over a century of cutting edge literary practise, and entirely remade in the image of the new century. The three poets invited to London, in their wit, their conceptual insight and their erudition are a perfect example of one of the brightest poetic traditions in modern Europe.

This is an Austrian Cultural Forum event, curated by SJ Fowler.