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November Friday 23rd 2018 : Babelsprech Eurovision Poetry : Torriano Meeting House, London
Multi-lingual poetry newly commissioned from over a dozen European and London-based poets, as part of the Europe wide Babelsprech project.


January 12th - The Ljubljana Camarade, Slovenia

March 28th to April 17th - European Poetry Festival 2019
As the UK leaves it’s own continent over 50 of Europe’s most innovative and dynamic literary and avant-garde poets come to London, Norwich, Manchester, Dublin and Paris for 10 events over 2 weeks. The tentative programme below, subject to severe revision.

  • March 28th - Leaving-our-own-continent Camarade : The Gulbenkian - Canterbury, Kent.

  • April Thursday 4th - European Poetry at Writers' Centre Kingston : Rose Theatre 

  • April Saturday 6th : The European Camarade : Rich Mix

  • April Sunday 7th : Back into the Mouth - a celebration of Sound Poetry : Iklektic Artlab

  • April Monday 8th : Swiss poetry in collaboration

  • April Wednesday 10th : Austrian Poetry in collaboration : Austrian Cultural Forum

  • April Thursday 11th : to be announced

  • April Friday 12th : Norwich’s European Camarade : The National Centre for Writing

  • April Saturday 13th : Manchester’s European Camarade : The International Anthony Burgess Centre

  • April Monday 15th : European Camarade at Riverbank Arts Centre : Newbridge, Co Kildare, Dublin. Ireland

  • April Wednesday 17th : Paris’ European Camarade

Past Events : 2018

October Saturday 13th 2018 : The European Camarade : Rich Mix, London
A standalone celebration of collaborative poetry, bringing together over a dozen pairs of European poets to present brand new collaborations as a mid point event between festivals.

April Saturday 14th : The European Camarade in Middlesbrough : MIMA
The festival closes in the North East of England, where once more European poets will present collaborations with their English counterparts, many local to the area.

April Friday 13th : The European Camarade in Manchester
The festival leaves London and presents a night of new collaborations between poets local to Liverpool and those visiting from across Europe.

April Thursday 12th : Austrian Poetry in collaboration : Austrian Cultural Forum
Austrian and British poets collaborate and share new works just off Hyde Park in the heart of London, joined by many other festival poets

April Wednesday 11th : Polyphonic : Romanian Cultural Institute
A multimedia poetry show celebrating the Centenary of Greater Romania with readings by ten of the most talented Romanian poets.

April Tuesday 10th : Versopolis poets in focus : London Bookfair
Lithuanian and British poets celebrate the pan-European poetry platform and review, Versopolis.

April Monday 9th : Lithuanian Poetry in collaboration : The Poetry Cafe
Lithuanian and British poets collaborate and share new works at the home of The Poetry Society in London, joined by many other festival poets.

April Sunday 8th : Performance Literature & Sound Poetry :
Celebrating innovation in live literature with new solo performances by a dozen of Europe's most considerable avant-garde poets.

April Saturday 7th : The European Camarade : Rich Mix
The grand event of the festival. 32 poets in 16 pairs present brand new collaborations made for the night.

April Thursday 5th 2018 : European Poetry at Writers' Centre Kingston : Rose Theatre Opening the festival by the River Thames with readings from nearly a dozen European poets.